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Olivia & Anne-Sophie

August 21, 2010

Party today at the Yings … Will get to meet Anne-Sophie staying here for the month! … Olivia was at her house in Colmar (in Alsace), France last month. The summer Youth Exchange program is quite marvelous!

Update: BBQ was fun! Steve, Nandy, Alicia & Scott were there – had a lively discussion & good food. Got a photo tour of all the places Olivia & Anne-Sophie saw in France and the US during their stay in both countries, and had a chance to practice my French (even ran through some French/English flashcards!). Anne-Sophie has quite a photo collection and a good eye for great shots.
Colmar is beautiful! – I’d love to visit sometime; and the Cognac beach was impressive, with a tree line right by the beach.
The summer program showed another benefit: Olivia’s French is much improved from just 4 weeks, and Anne-Sophie’s English is excellent…
I hope Anne-Sophie enjoys her last week here, and has a chance to come back again!