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End of the Summer … Our new Youth Exchange students are arriving!

September 6, 2010

Well it’s been an exciting few weeks winding down the summer! The weather’s finally broken and we have cool nights and beautiful days.

Anne-Sophie left for home last Tuesday, after an aborted attempt to fly out on Monday night … It seems the fates wanted her to stay in the U.S. another day! But she’s back in Colmar and has already started school.

We had two of our long-term students arrive last week: First, Manon from France, who arrived on Tuesday and joined her host family in Paramus on Friday (thanks, Steve, for providing temporary housing and some nice activities during the week!). Manon will be in Paramus HS with her host sister Olivia.

Then Sam, pronounced ‘sahm’, from Thailand, arrived Wednesday and joined her host family in Wyckoff that day. Sam will be attending Ramapo HS with her host sister Rebecca. Both students have gotten settled in, registered for classes, and are ready to start school tomorrow…

Our last long-term student, J├ęssica from Brazil, arrives tomorrow morning, and we will have our customary banner greeting for her, with a nice photo-op! Her school, Glen Rock HS, doesn’t start until next week, so she’ll have the week to get rested, visit the town (with the help of some fellow students), tour a bit and get registered for classes.

On Sunday we’ll have our initial Youth Exchange get-together, a BBQ at Alicia’s house, and a chance for everyone to meet!

So it’s the end of summer and the start of an eventful autumn and school year… :):)