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Olivia & Anne-Sophie

August 21, 2010

Party today at the Yings … Will get to meet Anne-Sophie staying here for the month! … Olivia was at her house in Colmar (in Alsace), France last month. The summer Youth Exchange program is quite marvelous!

Update: BBQ was fun! Steve, Nandy, Alicia & Scott were there – had a lively discussion & good food. Got a photo tour of all the places Olivia & Anne-Sophie saw in France and the US during their stay in both countries, and had a chance to practice my French (even ran through some French/English flashcards!). Anne-Sophie has quite a photo collection and a good eye for great shots.
Colmar is beautiful! – I’d love to visit sometime; and the Cognac beach was impressive, with a tree line right by the beach.
The summer program showed another benefit: Olivia’s French is much improved from just 4 weeks, and Anne-Sophie’s English is excellent…
I hope Anne-Sophie enjoys her last week here, and has a chance to come back again!


Rotary scholarship recipients came to our meeting today

August 17, 2010

We had an enjoyable visit by our three scholarship recipients at our weekly lunch today!

Danielle, Leanne & Mohamadia all spoke of their college plans, how they chose their respective colleges and majors, and their anticipation for their Freshman year. Several Rotary members gave advice on what to expect, how to enjoy school and learn at the same time, and notes of encouragement in general.

We discussed Roteract, the college branch of Rotary, recommending that they check it out at their schools.

We also had a nice photo op! I’m glad they came to our lunch and hope to make this an annual event!